Advisory Board and Council


Advisory Board



Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung 

Vice-Presidents Dr Ernest Chew
Dr Lawrence Chia
Rev. Dr Choong Chee Pang
Dr Tan Lai Yong
Rev. Canon Terry Wong



Mr Joel See

Vice-Chairman Mr Samuel Risandy
General Secretary Mr Lisman Komaladi
Honorary Treasurer Mr Zeng Hanyi

Mr Elijah Chin (student representative)
Mr Wei Siang (student representative)
Dr Chew Wee (GCF representative)
Mr Goh Daolin (English Section representative)
Pastor Daniel Tay (Chinese Work representative)
Mr Seah Jie Wei (Chinese Work representative)
Mr David Giovanni (Indonesian Ministry representative)



Recent Happenings

Witness to the Whole Campus for Christ

FES Ministry Report (2010-2016)



Recommended Reading

Monographs and Books

Engaging The Campus (Second Edition)

The Mission of God and the Task of the Church

Your Kingdom Come

Why Study? Exploring the Face of God in the Academy

Journey of Grace and Growth

Flux and Beyond

From the Library

New in the Library (Sep 2017)