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In 1956, an island-wide curfew imposed during one of the worst riots in the history of Singapore forced students and staff at the former Nanyang University, the only Chinese university in South-East Asia, to remain within the Yunnan campus over the weekend. It was then that Christian students and staff decided to hold their own Sunday worship and fellowship, thus laying the foundation for the formation of the Nanyang University Christian Fellowship (NUCF). In 1957, Nanyang University became the first college to have a Chinese-speaking Christian Fellowship (CF). 

With an increase in the intake of Chinese-speaking undergraduates at the former University of Singapore in the mid-sixties, it was found that integration was difficult in a campus dominated by English-speaking students. In 1967, a handful of deeply concerned Chinese-speaking Christian undergraduates decided to reach out in a corporate effort to other students from a similar background. A Chinese sub-committee - known as the Chinese Varsity Christian Fellowship (CVCF) - was then set up within the framework of the Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) at University of Singapore.

The seventies saw the birth of more Chinese Christian Fellowships at the Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Technical College (now Ngee Ann Polytechnic). As time went on, those involved in the ministry were convinced of the need to coordinate Chinese work at the various tertiary institutions. This led to the formation of the FES Chinese Work Committee (FESCW) in 1970.

Nantah Punggol Retreat, March 1974

The merger of the University of Singapore and the Nanyang University in 1980 to become the present National University of Singapore (NUS) saw the inevitable demise of the NUCF. With the merger, the Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) was formalised in 1981and a Chinese fellowship was also formed there. In 1991, NTI merged with the National Institute of Education to form Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The Chinese CF continued to meet within the new NTU community.

Currently, work amongst Chinese-speaking students is present at:

  • NTU (NTU-Chinese CF)
  • NUS (CVCF)
  • Ngee Ann Polytchnic (NP-CCF)
  • Singapore Polytechnic (SP-CCF)

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Combined Polytechnic Chinese CF Freshmen Orientation Camp April 2015 (top left and right)

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