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August 2018

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

In July we saw a cohort of our students leaving their places of study and entering the workplace as new graduates. This month we welcome a new batch of students entering their freshmen year as university students. From early August to mid-September, there will be a series of welcome teas and outreach events carried out in the various Christian Fellowships (CFs) on the different campuses of public universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS), as well as private institutions (SIM, James Cook, Curtin, NAFA, LaSalle). We look forward to welcoming and reaching out to more than 500 freshmen this year.

The above reality makes student ministry always exciting and energizing as each new generation of students bring with them their unique gifts and talents as well as their problems and idiosyncrasies. Our calling is to serve and nurture them during their three to four-year period as tertiary-level students. I am reminded of a verse in the book of Acts, where Paul was addressing the people in Pisidian Antioch, “… when David had served God's purpose in his own generation” (Acts 13:36). With this intent to fulfil God’s purpose in every distinct generation of students, FES continues to strive in birthing many more “Christlike leaders who are salt and light on campus, in the church, and in society”, despite the vast and constantly changing landscape of the student world.

One platform we use to achieve the above is to bring together students from FES-affiliated CFs to critically assess and respond to contemporary culture, issues, and phenomena students are facing through a national conference. (Refer to the poster for more details of this year’s National Conference (NC18) held from 28–30 September at Salvation Army, Praisehaven.)

With the theme To Affinity and Beyond, we look forward to bringing together 250 students and student leaders to deeply learn and passionately discuss the prevalent issues of apathy and self-centeredness that have been rampant among the current generation of students. We hope that through NC18, a true sense of empathy and passion to sacrifice can be cultivated and eventually become a counter-cultural lifestyle our students will live out.

NC18 programs will also engage our students in topics ranging from digitalization, social justice, climate change to consumption issues, global and local politics. The programs are devised with a deeper experiential and service learning approach, without forgetting the sound and thought-provoking teaching from the Bible. We are privileged to have Dr Calvin Chong and Dr Maggie Low as speakers in this conference.

Such FES national conferences are carried out once every two or three years. Looking back at the conferences held in the past, we gratefully recognize that God has been using these conferences either as a pivotal milestone or to build up momentum in bringing the FES student ministry closer to what God intends and calls us to be.

With this hope, we ask you to pray for and with us, as we welcome and reach out to hundreds of new students God will entrust FES with; as we prepare for the coming NC18.


In His grace,

Lisman Komaladi
General Secretary









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