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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Last month I shared about my conviction that God does not sleep and he does not forget. Now, I will testify how real that truth is.

FES, especially the English section, has been suffering a considerable accumulative deficit during the first seven months of the year. This deficit also dries up our reserves. With the gloomy economy and job situation the past few months, giving has slowed down quite substantially. I hear of some graduates having struggles in their businesses or had their jobs terminated. I prayed hard: “God, I just wrote in my letter that you do not sleep and you do not forget. Remember and help us in our finances.”

I am a man of little faith. I thought God would answer the above prayer in due time. Unexpectedly, a week after that, a church sent us a large amount of money in a cheque. In the following few days, four alumni each gave us a cheque with a four-digit amount. In total, these five cheques managed to cover the accumulative deficit we had in the past seven months – just within a few days.

We are very grateful that our God is indeed Jehovah Jireh – a God who provides. Indeed, he watches over us, cares for us, and hears even our prayer of ‘little faith’. He listens and answers in ways that amazes and humbles us.

At the same time, the above “crisis” has led us to take concrete steps to revamp our alumni database and improve our donor relation management. We need to reach out to our supporters (alumni and local churches) and communicate the updates on the FES ministry in clearer and more engaging ways, as well as on a more real-time basis. 

I would like to end my letter by encouraging you to read the latest issue of the FES newsletter Perspective (Sept 2017) which will be ready by the end of this month. In it, we present and discuss how FES engages the whole campus for Christ. We hope the contents will refresh your conviction in supporting this worthy calling to minister to tertiary level students in Singapore. 


In His grace,

Lisman Komaladi
General Secretary
September 2017








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