Climatic Changes, Career Calling

Saturday, 14 July 2012 13:31 - 13:31
NUS Medicine Faculty, MD6, 9:15am-4.00pm

Med Conference 2012The inaugural Medical Conference 2012, organised by Medicine VCF, Christian Medical & Dental Fellowship (CMDF) and together with FES hopes to gather Christians from the healthcare profession, both nurses & doctors, student & practitioners, for a time of fellowship and teaching. This year, the theme focuses on staying true to our call as healthcare workers, despite a challenging work environment. The topics covered include:

“The Call of Obedience,”
A biblical exposition to understanding the biblical basis of a heavenly calling to ministry, vocation, and ultimately, a person’s purpose on earth. More importantly, it will try to highlight biblical principles in the call to the healthcare profession, and underscore the challenge/choices that we have to make as medical students in the ever-changing climate of the healthcare system – to accept the values espoused by the system, or to be faithful to the principles that we hold on to as Christians.

“The Challenge of Obedience”
This segment aims to tackle the issue of life choices in our career, in relation to both our call as children of God, and as healthcare professionals. It aims to look into the christian perspective of issues such as choice of specialty, residency, full-time ministry, public vs private sector and career switches, and perhaps show that a calling may not be as straightforward as it seems.

“The Acts of Obedience”
This segment will begin by looking at the changes in the healthcare climate, both globally and locally, and identify the manner in which these changes will influence the practice of healthcare. More importantly, we would like to highlight how some of our Christian values can be challenged by these changes in the healthcare system. The presentations will be followed by a series of situational discussion, where groups will be formed between practitioners and students to debate on how Christians should respond to these challenges.

The planning committee has also gathered an exciting panel of speakers and presenters that include:

  • Dr. Louis Sutton, Director WEC international (Main speaker)
  • A. Prof. Paul Tambyah, NUH Infectious Disease
  • Ass. Con. Dr. Darryl Chew, Dpt of Hand Surgery SGH
  • Dr. Stephen Lim, FES staffworker
  • Dr. Goh Wei Leong, Chairperson Healthserve

For more information and to register, contact: Joshua Lee
Conference fee: $10



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