FES National Conference 2015 - People of God, People of Singapore

Saturday, 7 March 2015 09:00 - Monday, 30 November 2015 21:00

The FES National Conference (NC) is a biennial event where FES-affiliated Christian Fellowships (CF) from every campus gather for a time of learning, prayer and fellowship.

This year’s NC, with the theme People of God, People in Singapore, is aimed at helping us explore our identity and responsibility as people of God, what it means to be Christian students in present-day Singapore, and the implications for our engagement with Singapore.

NC2015 is slightly different from previous National Conferences in that it is not the usual one-off event but it is designed to be a series of events spanning March to November 2015.

On 7 March, we kicked off NC2015 with the Equipping Conference held at the Singapore Institute of Management, where we:

  • listened to theme talks by Rev. Dr Mark Chan (Director, Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College)
  • had a dialogue and conversation with Minister Chan Chun Sing (Minister for Social and Family Development)
  • attended one of 18 incubators (workshops) aimed to engage students to imagine God’s shalom for Singapore, and to spur students to bear tangible fruit
  • viewed exhibitions by the various Christian Fellowships, local social causes and organisations
  • prayed and fellowshipped with fellow CFers from other campuses

To read more about what happened at the Equipping Conference, view the April issue of Perspective on this website.

The Equipping Conference Follow Up
What happens after we’re equipped?
The Equipping Conference is just the beginning. We do hope that we, as the people of God placed on our campuses, will embark on the journey of bringing shalom into all aspects of our life. Hence, various platforms for follow up have been laid out as follows:

As the name implies, we hope that bringing shalom will be organic, self-propagating, and bottom-up in nature. Two platforms – Incubator Projects and National Projects – are being planned to facilitate this. We pray that the Holy Spirit will move students and graduates and lead them to His causes through the Shalom Movement.

Incubator Projects
Mentors of the respective Incubators conducted at the Equipping Conference may engage the participants to plan and think together on the next step. It could be a organising a follow up seminar on a related topic, forming a discussion group or initiating related projects. Six incubators that will be doing some form of follow up action are: Forgotten Pioneer Generation – Migrant Workers, Peace Generation, Social Media and Civil Society, Christian Contribution to Policy Making, Social Entrepreneurship, and Conversation in the Public Square.

National Projects
There are three National Projects that students can participate in:

  1. Creation Care and Consumerism
  2. Sleep Singapore Sleep
  3. Witnessing to the Whole Campus

The learning process and discussion of the ideas of People of God, People in Singapore is not confined to just the Equipping Conference participants. We wish to pass the flame to all the campuses and CFs in Singapore. Practically, a group of students and student leaders will visit various campuses to listen to the ground and respond accordingly such that the respective campuses grow, learn, and be inspired by the NC2015 main theme (Identity and Responsibility of the People of God) to do various projects locally and contextually for their respective campuses. This will take place during the next six to eight months.

For more information about SHALOM MOVEMENT and PASSING THE TORCH, go to:


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