NTU CF CAMP 2016 (19-20 Aug)

Friday, 19 August 2016 16:30 - Saturday, 20 August 2016 21:30
Salvation Army PraiseHaven Retreat Centre (near Hillview MRT)

Being in a university often means being presented with new challenges, meeting expectations, making important decisions and meeting new people.

How does one find enough rest even amidst busyness? Is our definition of success in line with God’s? What are the often-overlooked ways in which we can cultivate a healthy relationship with God? Why do we so easily forget the goodness of our God and His providence? Are we called to love, shun or run away from those who are different from us?

At the camp, there will be workshops on topics like rest, success, and spiritual disciplines, as well as workshops by batches (e.g. for freshies: what does it mean to be a Christian student; for Year 2s and 3s: confronting exchange and internship culture, and for graduating seniors: on transitioning to the workplace plus ending the aacademic year well.

Join us on 19 and 20 August at NTU Christian Fellowship Camp 2016 as we discover God’s perspective in these questions, and for a wonderful time of fellowship and worship with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Register here.

Registration will close on 31 July at at 2359 hrs for seniors; 16 Aug at 2359 hrs for freshmen.

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