PIE: Polytechnic Intercultural Exposure

PIE is open to Christian students studying in any of the polytechnics.

The purpose and objectives of PIE are as follows:

  • To educate students that missions is not about exporting our own culture but to understand and learn how Christ can be relevant in other contexts and cultures.
  • Expose Christian students to the needs of students outside the CF, and be challenged to think of Christian responses in the light of today’s world.
  • Fundamentals of Christianity, particularly in the area of Missions.
  • To study Church history and reflect on its role in Missions today.
  • To address the problem of being self-centered and 'un-self aware of oneself' – a whole new perspective to self-discovery.
  • Challenge students to think further on ‘the concept of love' that they understand and how can this concept be made practical in sharing the Gospel of Christ.
  • Expose students to the work of other IFES student ministries in East Asia.

The programme begins from 29 September 2012 to 29 March 2013.

To register, go to: www.tinyurl.com/pie2012-2013

For enquiries, please contact Kevin at kevin.chia@fessingapore.org


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