FES Missions Programme

In line with our goal to challenge students to look beyond their comfort zones and take the Good News of Christ to every nation within and outside Singapore, we encourage students to participate in God's mission whilst they are students.

Missionary interest among students began as early as 1957 when teams of students started to visit Malaysia to explore first hand missionary work. By the eighties, there were numerous teams of students from the various FES-affiliated fellowships going on mission trips. To better equip and prepare the students going on these trips, as well as to coordinate all these efforts, the FES Missions Committee was formed comprising students, graduates and FES staff. This led to the birth of MEET, which stands for Missions Education and Exposure Training. MEET was a year-long training programme conducted by the FES Missions Committee for students who were preparing for mission trips. The MEET programme continued until 2006 when the programme was revamped to become G-Cube/G3.

Ongoing, since 2013, is the PIE (Polytechnic Intercultural Exchange) Programme, where students from the polytechnic CFs are educated and oriented to missions and intercultural issues related to missions before they go for an exchange trip to a neighbouring country.

In support of the wholistic understanding of mission, we reviewed the FES missions programme in 2015/2016. The revamped programme, Morph was launched in October 2016. Morph seeks to:
• reexamine the relation of the Christian "self" to the "other" in an intercultural context
• build on theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills for engaging in wholistic witness

Even as we conduct our mission programmes we also recognise that churches are active in providing mission education and exposures to their congregations. We complement the Church as we encourage cross-cultural exposures primarily within the student communities and partner with other student movements affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

International Student Ministry (ISM)

IFG @ NUS"When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am your Lord your God." (Lev 19:33,34)

ISM was first established in 1991 when we started to observe significant increase in the number of international students on our campuses. The students range from Polytechnic students to post-graduate students. At the CF-level, ISM is coordinated by a standing committee called the International Friendship Group (IFG).

As FES has the English, Chinese and Indonesian sections ministering to their respective language speakers, ISM caters primarily to students from other nationalities. Though most of the international students are conversant in English, many feel more comfortable to meet in an environment where there are other international students like them, whom they can share common concerns. Hence the IFGs are positioned to cater to the needs of these students through various formal and informal activities organised by the IFG.

IFG @ NUS (2)

At the FES-level, we continue to make efforts to:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of ministry with international students across all the CFs as ISM is essentially cross-cultural mission at our doorsteps.
  • Equip CFers on areas like sensitive communication skills and other cross-cultural issues as they engage international students meaningfully.
  • Encourage CFers to extend hospitality and invest time on befriending and making long-lasting friendships with international students.
  • Conduct evangelistic bible study training or the actual study sessions when there are interests among international students on spiritual matters.
  • Develop partnerships with local churches who are burdened for ISM 
  • Prepare international students when they return home by linking them to an IFES movement or church in their home country.


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