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Why Study?
Exploring the Face of God in the Academy

FES Singapore (2017)

As a Christian student, what is your answer to the question “Why Study?”

In this book, you will find writings and stories of people who have begun their journey of encountering the different facets of the “Face of God” in their studies, research, and practices. When we look at the different paths they took, we also discover their conscious and consistent worship of the Triune God through their respective fields of study and vocation that form the heart of this book.

May this book inspire us to begin our own journey of exploring the face of God in the academy.

Take a look inside the book.

Engaging the Campus
Faith and Service in the Academy (2nd Edition: Revised and Expanded)
FES Singapore 2016

What does it mean to engage the whole campus for Christ? Do we have the biblical foundation to this vision? Is engaging the campus an elitist ministry? What are the challenges faced and possible blindspots discovered as we practise our faith and serve in the academy?

Since the publication of the original version of this booklet in 2014, we have been humbled and grateful to witness how God has used thousands of copies of this book to edify students and graduates, not only locally in Singapore, but also in many other countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

In this second edition of Engaging the Campus: Faith and Service in the Academy there are slight updates in the articles by Terry Halliday and Vinoth Ramachandra. The article on the Singapore context has been revised and expanded. The testimony of one student’s journey in engaging the campus remains unchanged. Last but not least, we have added a new response from Hong Kong.

May we continue to ingeniously discover and authentically live out many ways of engaging our campus for Christ!

The Mission of God and the Task of the Church
Integral Mission and the Great Commission
Christopher J. H. Wright
FES Singapore (2014)

What do we understand by integral mission and how do we connect it to the Great Commission?

Is mission a specialist activity just for a selected few? If the church exists for the sake of God’s mission, then mission is for every member of the whole church. May this small book, spark off conversations and initiatives that will lead to greater integration and alignment of the tasks of the church with God’s mission.


Changing Times, Unchanging Word
by Bobby E. K. Sng
(Jointly published by Bible Society of Singapore and
FES Singapore 2014)

Changing Times, Unchanging Word is a collection of articles, sermons and talks spanning almost 50 years of ministry and engagement which will delight both those familiar with Dr Bobby Sng’s legacy as well as those discovering afresh his lucid, energetic and thoughtful exposition of God’s unchanging Word in a changing world.

Drawing from lessons of history, philosophy, law, culture, medicine and above all, his deep knowledge of the Bible, Dr Sng clearly demonstrates the working of God’s hand in shaping our world, while reminding Christians to make a difference in all spheres of human endeavour.


Your Kingdom Come (revised edition)
Vinoth Ramachandra
FES Singapore (2013)

Your Kingdom Come was first published by FES Singapore in 1987 (under the title Thy Kingdom Come) as a transcription of three expository sermons delivered by Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, who is currently the Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), at the IFES East Asia Regional Conference in Hong Kong in 1986. The talks dealt with the kingdom of God in relation to Jesus, the Church and Christian hope. In this partially revised edition, the author has updated some of the illustrations and statistics used in the original talks. Other than these minor changes, the messages remain the same and continue to be a challenge to Christian students and graduates today, in whatever context they are in.


Vision & Continuity in Our Time
Fellowship of Evangelical Students Singapore (2009)

Vision & Continuity In Our Time brings together thoughts on the subject by two groups of people: the “forerunners” of student ministry in East Asia and other parts of the world; and a new generation of “runners” who are still working out this vision in our own contexts.

The legacy of our “forerunners” provides us with valuable lessons that demonstrate integration of what was taught and how it was lived out. These are presented for us under Section 1 of this book which is essentially taken from Vision And Continuity, published by IFES in 1989.

In Section 2, the contributors, who are currently involved in student and graduate ministry, share with us the challenges faced in this generation. What are our battles today? Where are we now? What kind of graduates are we “producing”?

Vision And Continuity In Our Time is a valuable resource for student leaders and staffworkers. The articles prompt us to ask ourselves searching questions to evaluate the ministry God has entrusted to us.

As God has enabled our “forerunners” to pass the vision to us, may we, similarly, challenge future generations of students to be “faithful to respond to God’s call to carry His good news across the boundaries of generation and society” (adapted from the Afterword).


Journey of Grace and Growth
Essays in honour of Koichi Ohtawa
FES Singapore (2017)

Journey of Grace and Growth is a collection of writings published in honour of Koichi Ohtawa san who was formerly General Secretary of KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai, the IFES movement in Japan) in the 1970s, Regional Secretary of IFES East Asia and Associate General Secretary of IFES from 1982–2002.

In the various roles Ohtawa-san assumed in the IFES family, he never failed to teach and inspire student leaders, graduates and staffworkers, on essential issues in discipleship and spirituality. This has continued till today in his role as spiritual retreat director for pastors, church and ministry leaders in Japan and the region.

We hope that the articles in this book, written by those who in one way or another have been blessed by the ministry of Ohtawa-san, will similarly bring blessings in your respective journeys of grace and growth toward Christlikeness.


Twist and Wait
Tan Lai Yong
FES Singapore (2016)

Twist and Wait is a collection of devotional essays and reflections written by Dr Tan Lai Yong over a span of 25 years. Many of these essays had the input of the late Rev. Dr Chua How Chuang (a former OMF missionary and FES Associate Staffworker) especially in matters relating to Greek and Hebrew. The book also includes some essays written by How Chuang during his association with FES.

The theme of this book is one way to remind us that while we are “waiting” in this world, we can grow stronger in fulfilling His calling in our life, until, in Lai Yong’s words, “the day FES when we will all be gathered into the joyful presence of Jesus Christ our Lord, He will have the words to comfort us.”


Flux And Beyond
FES Singapore (2016)

Flux And Beyond is a compilation of articles written by graduates from different tertiary institutes and diverse cultural backgrounds. Many of these articles were originally compiled in the booklet, Flux, a publication of Life Travel Planners, a ministry of Varsity Christian Fellowship, National University of Singapore in 2012. The writers of these articles, having wrestled with the issues of life after graduation, sought to inspire those who are still students, to begin the journey of discovering what it means to be a Christian in the workplace as early as possible, and not just during their final year of studies.

Besides these articles, we have also included a slightly condensed version of Dr Bobby Sng’s monograph, Decision Making: Seeking to Know God’s Will, which was originally published in 1984. A list of resources, including information on programmes for fresh graduates by the Marketplace Christian Network and Friends In Transition, is provided in this book as well.

Though this is not meant to be a manual, we hope this book will be a treasured companion in our journey to be a community of Christians struggling with similar concerns on issues pertaining to work, the workplace, and all other things in between.

All the above publications are available at the FES office.


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