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Who We Are

We are an interdenominational Christian organisation serving among tertiary-level students and graduates in Singapore.


Formed in 1959, the pioneering emphasis of FES was to develop a strong evangelical witness in every institution of higher learning in Singapore. FES also coordinates the work of the Christian Fellowships (CFs) on various campuses, facilitates interaction between student leaders from the various groups and enables them to exchange ideas and encourage one another effectively.


The long-term vision was, and still is, “to encourage and promote the development of indigenous leadership and responsibility…. to make (a vital contribution) to the Church…. to see forthcoming able Bible scholars and teachers, Christian writers, preachers, missionaries and other Christian workers” (from the first FES Annual Report. 1960).


Encapsulating the ethos that has guided FES since its formation, our vision is:


To see a community of Christlike leaders who are salt and light on campus, in the church, and in society for the glory of God.

Annual Review 2019

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Upcoming events

30julalldayJourney.Crisis.HopeNational Graduates Conference 2020

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From the Blog

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