God’s Glory Revealed in the Little Things

Bible Camp, like its name suggests, is about studying the Word of God with fellow brothers- and sisters-in-Christ. The overarching theme for the 5 Days 4 Nights NTU CF Bible camp held from 8–12 December 2018, was “His Glory Revealed; Upside Down Kingdom”. Needless to say, it was an intense yet fruitful time for the campers.

During the camp, we studied the Bible on a deeper level using the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) method. We were split into three genres: historical narratives (101), the Galatian letters (201) and the poetry of Psalms (202). We also had workshops that covered four different topics (same-sex attraction, worship, law and the state, and the supernatural). We had theme talks every night, in which our speaker, FES senior staff worker Jeremiah Goh engaged us in the Gospel of John and pointed out to us how it reveals God’s glory.

IBS was probably the most intense part of the camp. I think I speak for all the campers that we needed and appreciated siesta time (aka nap time!) after each session. I was in IBS 101 and our instructors, Ian and Joshua, taught us the importance of asking questions when reading the Bible. By asking (and answering) different types of questions, we better understand the context by knowing who the author is, for whom the text was written and ourselves as the readers. We learned how to identify themes as we read the Bible. More importantly, we discovered how to apply our findings to our daily lives so as to be salt and light in the world in which we live.

During the IBS 101 sessions, we were taught the importance of asking questions such as, “What does the passage demand of us? How does the passage influence and inspire us?”

The IBS sessions challenged me to approach the Bible in a different way. In the past, I read the Bible as it is, on the surface level. Whilst that isn’t necessarily wrong, IBS opened my eyes to how much more I can learn from the Bible when I dig deeper into it, with the help of commentaries.

All in all, Bible Camp 2018 has taught me that God’s glory can be revealed even in the little things, both in Scripture as well as in our daily lives. I’ve learned that we should take the time to reflect upon His Word and our experiences in order to be reminded of His goodness to us. We often question our circumstances, but when we believe and put our trust in our Father, we remember that we are welcomed into His kingdom with open arms!


Written by
Rachel Wee Min Yan
NTU CF, Psychology Year 1

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