Life in Transition

Christian university students today often face challenges that hinder us from living out a daily life on fire for God. Distractions such as the desire for good grades and an exciting social life tend to cloud our vision and lead us away from Him. Therefore, this year’s James Cook University Singapore Christian Fellowship (JCUS CF) camp, themed Camp L.I.T (Life in Transition), aims to remind us of our Christian identity, and how we can and should be involved in student ministry on campus.

This year’s camp was held from 17–19 October 2018, at the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC). We had many activities during the camp, such as plenary sessions, group discussions, games, and leisure time.

Lisman giving the theme message

I had many takeaways from this camp, one of which was from the second message of the camp. Lisman Komaladi, the General Secretary of FES, was the speaker. The message was centered on how we should be disciples of Christ and love one another. From there, Lisman explored some obstacles to loving one another. He listed three solutions: to listen and connect with others, be helpful to them, and to bear the burdens of one another. This reminded me of how I have not been loving the people around me. I may seem like I love them when I send messages of encouragement and ask for prayer requests once in a while. However, I don’t bear their burdens. Often, I don’t remember my friends’ requests in my prayers, which says a lot about how much I love them. Thankfully, God reminded me that I should learn to choose to carry my friends’ burdens with them, instead of asking about them, then forgetting afterwards. After all, Jesus chose to bear my burdens out of love despite my unworthiness. Thus, I must learn to be like Christ and to love His sheep like how He loves me.

At the workshop on Mental health and Christianity by Dr Jacob Rajesh

Overall, the CF camp benefited me both spiritually and socially. Through this camp, I received many reminders from the devotions and messages to live out a life that is godly and Christ-like. I also had a wonderful time of fellowship with my fellow brothers- and sisters-in-Christ. The programme was well planned, such that we had lots of time for fellowship during the games, leisure time, and the group sharing. I thank God for the opportunity to attend and learn from the CF camp. It was a truly meaningful camp and I enjoyed it a lot. All glory and praise to God!


Written by
Janine Tan (JCUS, Bachelor of Psychological Science, Year 2)

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