S.P.C.A Retreat

On 2–3 March 2018, FES organised a retreat for graduating polytechnic students and young graduates from the polytechnic CFs. The S.P.C.A. Retreat aimed to challenge participants to stop, ponder, find out what God is calling them to, and align that to God’s will.

Let’s hear from Myron and Glen on their time there.


I came into S.P.C.A. asking one question: What is it that you want from me God?

The night session and discussion made me question my life on this earth: what does it stand for? What is the state of my soul? Why have I done the things I have done? I was further challenged when I somehow landed in the discussion room for “full-time ministry”, to which I am still in awe at how I ended up there. Hearing what (staff workers) Fuji and Gabriel had to say really was more of a challenge to my heart and my trust towards the plans God has for me more than what my future held. I am so grateful for the reassurance that my time is God’s to decide and not my own to discern.

I have truly been blessed to have the Lord reveal Himself to me through the friends I have in this camp. I realised I have let go of my self-imposed burdens and started to look towards Him (hopefully with patience that He can provide).

This journey of mine does not end here. In fact, it starts here. It is not just my mission to find, follow and fulfil my calling, but to continue this mission of fellowshipping with my friends in this retreat, not just in the days and months, but in the years ahead too. When we look back we will be astounded by how much we have been blessed by the Lord through all He has done in our lives.


Written by Myron Lam, Singapore Polytechnic for Impetus May 2018 (FES E-newsletter)


A time to share our struggles, and a time to pray for each other in our journey of faith

Before this camp I was a Sunday Christian. The momentum that I had been building up since basic military training to cadet school all went on a downward spiral since I entered the navy. Because of the simple nature of my job – base defence in the tower looking at the sea with minimal threats faced on a daily basis – I began to feel that it’s okay to take my time, pay less attention when on duty and conform to the ways of my peers. 

I began to accept that this was all that’s required of me and started being a typical Singaporean NSF (national serviceman full-time), complaining about food, about things that don’t go my way. I began to let myself lower my standards and not live the way I should as a Christian. I would spend time on my phone and miss out on time to bond with my friends as well. 

I was reminded how two years ago, a few months before I graduated from poly, I had wanted to make a change in the way I behaved towards my classmates and friends, as well as to show Christlikeness. Although I am going to ORD (operationally ready) in two months, I should not give up and let things be. 

I need to be the person I am in church to the people outside of church, be diligent in my duties, be active in fellowshipping with others and most importantly make a habit of praying and reading God’s Word until it feels uncomfortable if I am not doing it. I want a more intimate relationship with God!

My expectation at the start of this camp was to renew my covenant with God and I believe that God indeed has stirred something in me, to spend more quality time with Him and others. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to pick myself up and start living the way He wants me to live.

I pray that all of us too will remember what God has spoken to us in the camp and be able to live out our primary calling wherever God has placed us in!


Written by Glen Goh, graduate for Impetus May 2018 (FES E-newsletter)

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