Apalah Arti Hidup?

What is the meaning of life? 

After a long and arduous semester, NTU Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (ISCF) closed the academic year with a retreat themed Apalah Arti Hidup? (translation: What is the meaning of life?) from 14–17 May. Many of us ponder on this question, especially in our years trying to fit ourselves into the society as Christian adults. 

Ricardo Borges, IFES Associate Secretary for Scripture Engagement, used the parables in Mark 4 to bring out what growing in Christlikeness looks like in our journey to find meaning in life

We are really grateful to have FES staff workers Victor Wibowo and Lisman Komaladi, as well as Ricardo Borges from IFES to speak in our sessions. The sessions started with a reflection on the book of Ecclesiastes, in which we question the author’s view on life. There was also a session on “Memento Mori” – in which we ponder about death; how we should live our lives knowing it’s limited and what should our view on death be. 

The retreat then closed with a session on how to be “normal”. In a society where everybody wants to be extraordinary and outstanding, it’s unusual to entertain the idea of not being one. However, the session concludes that being normal means going back to God’s original design – created for His glory and to be children that He can be proud of. 

Brainstorming learning points from the sharing on Ecclesiastes given earlier

The retreat provided us with a safe space to discuss things that we have to consider in the process of adulting. Many a time we get more questions than answers, confusion than clarity. Yet, these questions are the ones that contribute to our growth by helping us to doubt our doubts and to believe our beliefs. 

I am really grateful to be able to join this camp, and I hope that more ISCF members will be prompted to ask more questions about their lives so as to grow and be molded into “normal” people according to God’s original grand design.


Written by Natasha Soejanto, NTU for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)

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