Chasing Rainbows

What will bring us true joy?

This year’s NUS Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (ISCF) camp theme was Chasing Rainbows: Finding Joy in the Journey. The camp committee felt that this theme would fit the needs of Christian students as we are often blinded by worldly pleasures like striving for good grades, and chasing after popularity. The phrase “Chasing Rainbows” is associated with unrealistic pursuits. We enjoy the pleasures in life but over time, the things that once gave us happiness become meaningless, failing to fill the voids in our hearts. In the Bible, God gave Noah a rainbow as a sign of the covenant between Him and mankind. While most of us already know this promise, it’s often difficult to treasure it in our everyday lives. That is why we wanted to rediscover this for ourselves and set joyfulness as our default state of mind.

Worshipping our God who truly loves us for who we are and brings us true joy

The programme for the 4D3N camp, held from 14–17 May 2018, included seven different sessions related to ‘joy’, games, and a movie screening. All the sessions were very insightful for me. I looked back and realised I still do seek worldly pleasures over God in hard times. Sometimes, I also let other people define who I am, and this is the sole cause of me not being joyful. As Christians, we are created in the image of God and only God defines our identity. Our worth is in Christ. When we realise that, we will know God truly loves us for who we are, and this will bring us true joy.

Fellowshipping with one another brings joy too

Serving with the other camp committee members to organise this year’s camp and being in the camp itself has taught me a lot. At first, I was hesitant to take up the vice-head role for the camp because I felt incapable and lacking in a lot of ways. But then I realised, it was actually a privilege for me to serve in the ISCF camp and eventually bring glory to God. As time went by, I felt joyful serving with the others, because of how God guided us through all the challenges to make this a camp that was a blessing to other people. It was also a joy to see ISCF camp participants gather and have fellowship with one another.


Written by Listya Nuansa Putri, NUS for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)

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