Pray with Us

Pokok Doa Kampus



1. Bersyukur buat acara outing yang boleh Tuhan berkati dan doakan buat pertemanan yang bisa terus dibangun sesudahnya.
2. Bersyukur buat dua KTB putri yang baru terbentuk. Ada 7 mahasiswi yang telah bersedia buat ikut KTB. Doakan juga buat 2 alumni yang akan memimpin KTB ini.
3. Doakan buat rencana pelayanan semester depan. Dari 6 pengurus, hanya 2 yang ada di Singapura saat ini, sehingga lumayan sulit untuk bertemu dan membicarakan rencana pelayanan. Doakan buat Helena sebagai ketua yang akan mengkoordinasikan semua ini.


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We are currently facing challenges in handling the sudden influx of newcomers who need to be discipled, in the small groups as well as befriending them in general. And as in many other established ministries, complacency may be creeping into our hearts that we are not ready for God’s surprises.

Please pray:

1. that we can disciple those whom we serve well, to build each other up in love, to rebuke one another and to keep each other accountable as we live before the Lord.
2. that God will provide committed small group leaders to mentor the freshies, further lead them in their personal spiritual growth, and to engage them with the Scripture.
3. for the committee and staff workers – for strength, discernment, joy, and a willingness to obey in serving.


1. Pray so that NUS ISCF will always treasure the covenant written in her Lord’s blood and not any other idols. And so God will grant NUS ISCF members power and boldness in bringing and proclaiming the good news of this new covenant to the campus. 
2. Pray that more people in ISCF will be eager and realise what a privilege that they have to serve God’s work through ISCF for the glory of God. Especially for the recruiting of committee members.
3. As NUS ISCF is welcoming new freshies into the fellowship, pray that God will use ISCF in reaching out to the freshies. Pray that NUS ISCF can be a warm community reflecting God’s love and yet also a community that proclaims the gospel boldly (with love also, but without watering down the message)