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Singapore Institute of Management Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (SIM ISCF)


We gave out these goodie bags in the first two weeks of December. What a great number of surprise responses we received! Some students felt touched, telling us “What a heartwarming present for this lonely heart of mine”. Some also asked us what Christmas was all about. It gave us courage and opportunities to share the Good News and the real meaning of Christmas.

Though we are grateful we have both senior and final year students balanced among new students, the challenge is that all our regulars are female students. Including student leaders, there are 15 to 18 of us. There have been many attempts to have specific topics that could appeal to male students (like gaming issues), however it has yet to bear much fruit.

Pray with us for:

  • God to gives us wisdom and ideas on inviting male students to come and join our fellowship.
  • the student leadership succession in May, that we can be able to find a new leader/chairperson to lead the next academic year.


National University of Singapore Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (NUS ISCF)


God has sustained and blessed our fellowship abundantly this past semester. 20 newbies came for our Welcome Tea, 15 of whom are now enrolled in small groups for discipleship. Most encouragingly, the majority of our members are actively serving in the community. We are blessed with 11 people in our Exco who are enthusiastic in working and praying for our programmes. Other members also eagerly contribute to the fellowship in many ways, through sharing, being facilitators, ushers, musicians, and many more. We thank God for giving us all the heart and strength to serve Him through this fellowship. We also thank God for His sustenance throughout all our programmes and events in the past semester. 

Pray with us for:

  • an increase in love so we can embrace all members into the fellowship, especially those who have shied away from gatherings
  • the ISCF camp, to be held in May, to be a blessing to all who organise and attend it. We are struggling to find a venue for our camp. May God open the way.
  • a new generation of leaders who are committed to serve God and His people.
  • our Exco, subcommittee, and staff worker, Darryl, for discernment and perseverance in the face of challenges to finish this ministry well.
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