Keeping Focused Through the Ups And Downs

Since graduation, the journey into life as a working adult has not been smooth sailing. It took me about four months to secure my first job. I had felt demoralised, but the waiting helped me to be grateful towards whatever God has given me in my life. 

Working life is full of ups and downs in terms of work outcomes and interpersonal relationships. Thankfully, God has His well-designed plan for me. He put me through a steep learning curve where I constantly struggled with my old-self of trying to impress others with my competency. I am still learning to always seek first His kingdom and righteousness and entrust the rest, especially work performances, to Him. I also learnt to embrace the differences between me and my colleagues and be more encouraging towards others by affirming their efforts. 

Being the only Christian in my lab, I needed to constantly remind myself to guard my heart above all else, for everything I do flows from it (Prov. 4:23). It is important to have companions-in-Christ with whom I can share my struggles. Although I didn’t have one in my workplace, I thank God that brothers and sisters from NTU Chinese CF have given me prayer support all these years. I am also reminded to be a good testimony for God. I took the initiative to take up a duty that nobody was willing to do. Initially it seemed a burden, but the effort eventually influenced others to assist me in the end.

Sometimes, working life can be so routine and boring that it made me lose my passion in everything. Then, I realised that the root cause was due to having strayed from my focus in life and from God. Therefore, I adjusted my focus by attending night classes in a theological seminary. It was a fruitful learning period and helped me regain my momentum towards life.

When I felt lost in my career prospects two years ago, God provided me the opportunity to further my studies in NTU again. My journey with God is still ongoing, yet I am thankful that God has allowed me to experience good times and bad. Most importantly, He is always my shelter and strength.


Written by Tie Hieng Chiong
Hieng Chiong graduated from NTU in 2010 and currently he is a third year PhD student.

Perspective October/November 2018 (FES newsletter)

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