A good book supplements the feeding we get from the Scriptures. We see truths worked out and applied. We get help in understanding ourselves and others. We are stretched to comprehend other perspectives and assess them in the light of Scriptures.

- Campus Lit Companion, IVP 1988

The FES Library, housed at the FES office, has a collection of English and Chinese books that cater to the needs of student and graduate ministry. Some of the subjects in the collection include:

  • Bible Study Tools like Bible Commentaries & Dictionaries
  • Bible Interpretation
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Theology
  • Christian Living
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Evangelism/Outreach
  • Missions
  • Student Ministry

Join the Library


Membership to the FES Library is free for all CF students and Associate Staff (ASWs). GCF members, CF Alumni may apply for membership at a fee of $15 per annum.


To apply for membership, please complete the Application Form and email it to You may also come directly to the FES office to sign up for membership.


To find out more about loan procedures and other relevant matters, please refer to the Library Rules.

To view the titles in our collection, go to:

FES Library Catalogue (for English books)

Chinese Work Library Catalogue (for Chinese books)


Check out the new titles at FLINT

Reading is like any good human activity; we must find the overall place it is to play in our lives and then make specific judgments accordingly. It is indeed possible that some will read very little but the Bible and will do so to the glory of God. Still, I imagine the opposite will be more the rule; that those who read little other than the Bible do so to the detriment of themselves and to the diminishing of the radiant glory of God who is the fount of all knowledge and truth.

- James Sire, How to Read Slowly


The library ministry includes encouraging students of our affiliated Christian Fellowships (CFs) to set up booktables at their CF events. Books for the booktable may be consigned from Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST). FES has a ministry arrangement with BGST whereby students from FES-affiliated CFs enjoy discounts when they purchase books from BGST. A list of titles in stock at BGST is available at BGST’s Book Corner webpage.


To find out more about the procedures for setting up booktables, contact your CF staffworker.