No. 2  /  June 2019

Meet Me

Hi there !!! I want to show you my new home. This is how it looks like after my home is renovated. Cool, huh? I find the place more comfortable for browsing and reading. I have also rearranged the books so that it will be easier to locate the books. Why don’t you come and have a feel yourself?


I hope this new setting will attract you to drop by to browse my books or even to hang around to read. I welcome you in my home. I am sure my brother or sister can help you out if I am not around. Just make sure that you help me to keep it clean and tidy. And one more thing, let your friends know about my new home too, alright?


See you soon !!!



A Message of Freedom

Galatians for You
Timothy Keller
Good Book Company (2013), 208 pages
FES Library book call number : 227.4 KEL


Galatians is often associated with Paul’s head-on response to the false gospel taught by others who came after him. Such association, along with Paul’s writing style (which is often perceived as confusing and difficult), may hinder a more enriching understanding of the letter, limiting it to simply a mediation of a clash between the Gospel and Jewish customs …

Questioning Genesis

Old Testament Theology: The Theology of the Book of Genesis
by R.W.L. Moberly
Cambridge University Press (2009), 272 pages
FES Library book call number: 222.11 MOB


How should the book of Genesis be understood? The book of Genesis poses many difficulties for Christians who attempt to gain a deeper understanding about the book. There are also different ways offered by scholars and theologians to make sense of the book content …

I am Adulting !!!

Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and the Future
Pokluda, Jonathan
Baker Books (2018), 224 pages
FES Library book call number: 248.8 POK


“What should I do next?” This may be the question lingering in the mind of many people in transition. The same question is even more challenging for one transiting from the routine of schooling – attending classes, obeying teachers, and taking tests – to the unpredictable life of adulthood…

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